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Beef Steak with Onion Sauce
Beef Steak with Onion Sauce

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Beef Steak with Onion Sauce Recipe

Preptime: 22 Minutes Cooktime: 58 Minutes Serve: 3 Persons Nutrition: 161 calories.

To make beef steak with onion sauce you only need 9 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you do it.

The ingredients needed to cook beef steak with onion sauce :

  1. Take Beef roast or loin (or the cut of your choice), 1 piece
  2. Get Finely chopped onion
  3. Prepare Water to adjust the sauce
  4. You need Salad or vegetables to accompany the steak, to taste
  5. Prepare Finely chopped parsley
  6. Use Butter (to sauté the onion)
  7. Prepare Butter (to cook the steak)
  8. Use Vegetable oil (to cook the steak)
  9. Get Salt, pepper

Instructions to make Beef Steak with Onion Sauce :

  1. Take the beef out of the refrigerator 30 minutes to an hour before you'll cook it. Finely chop the onion.
  2. Melt 1-2 tablespoons of butter in a frying pan over medium heat and sauté the onion until lightly caramelized (it should be a light brown color). If it looks like it will burn, add a little water and turn down the heat, and continue sautéeing.
  3. When the onion has cooked, take out of the pan and reserve. Make sure not to let it burn, since this will decide the flavor of your steak.
  4. Pat the beef dry. Season on both sides with salt and pepper.
  5. Heat the vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of butter in a frying pan over high heat, and pan fry the beef. When browned on one side, turn it over, turn the heat down to medium, and cook to your desired degree of doneness.
  6. Take the steak out onto a serving plate and let rest while covered (don't let it cool down).
  7. Wipe off the grease from the frying pan with paper towels, and re-introduce the sautéed onion.
  8. Add 2-3 tablespoons of water to the onion from Step 7, and season with salt and pepper. Pour the sauce over the steak.
  9. Add salad or vegetables to the side of the steak, sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

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