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Cabbage Roll
Cabbage Roll

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Cabbage Roll Recipe

Preptime: 17 Minutes Cooktime: 39 Minutes Serve: 1 Persons Nutrition: 242 calories.

You can cook cabbage roll using 15 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook it.

The ingredients needed to cook cabbage roll :

  1. Prepare 1 medium cabbage
  2. Prepare Flour (1 cup)
  3. Use Bread crumbs
  4. Prepare Carrot (4 mediums)
  5. Get Green pepper (1 big)
  6. Provide Onion (2 big)
  7. Use Red pepper (2)
  8. Use Mint powder
  9. Use Spices
  10. Get Curry
  11. Prepare Seasoning
  12. You need Salt (pinch)
  13. Use Suger (tbspn)
  14. Use Olive oil (4 tbl spn)
  15. Prepare Egg (2)

Steps to make Cabbage Roll :

  1. Da farko za'a tankade flour a ajiyeta a gefe, a yayyanka albasa shima a ajiyesa gefe, a sami bread crumbs shima a ajiyesa gefe guda
  2. A yayyanka green pepper shima a ajiyesa gefe haka red pepper shi kuma a jajjaga sa a ajiye sa a gefe ko kuma shima in kinaso zaki iya yayyankawa, sai carrot shima a yayyaka a dan tafasa sama sama a ajiyesa shima gefe yasha iska
  3. Uwar gida zatasa olive oil nata ko kuma ordinary man gyadan ta a pan kaman 4 tlb spn in yayi zafi sai ki juye albasanki a ciki yadan fara soyuwa don yayi kamshi, in albasan tadan yi mituna sai a juye duka kayan hadin a ciki wadanda muka lissafo a sama a ci gaba da juyasu tareda spices din da seasoning, curry, mint powder da dan salt kadan
  4. Idan sun dan soyu sai ki kada kwai kaman guda 2 sai ki juye a ciki ta ko ina, sai ki rufe da murfi ki barsu sudan hada jikinsu ki rage wutan
  5. Idan yadan fara soyuwa sai ki bude kisa chokali mai yatsu kidan faffasa kinsan kwan zaisa su kama jikinsu, to sai kidan dagargazasu, zakiga sun dan sassake kaman yadda huto na biyu ya nuna. Daga nan sai a sauke a ajiyesa a gefe yasha iska
  6. Zaki daddaye cabbage din silla silla, a wanke sa ya wanku sai a zuba a tukunya a daura a wuta
  7. Bayan ya nuna sai ki cire wannan gum din na bayan me tauri da wuka a hankali karki taba jikin cabbage din sai ki ajiyesa akan chopping board dinki ko wani abu mai fadi sai ki dan buda sa
  8. Sai ki dauko wannan kayan hadin da kika ajiye yasha iska ki zuba a gefen cabbage din sai ki nannade sa
  9. Kota ina ki rufe har gefen
  10. Ki kawo flour dinki da kika tankade ki zuba seasonings, suger and salt, ki kwaba da ruwa amma yadanyi kauri kwabin
  11. Sai ki dau wannan nadin cabbage din ki tsoma a cikin hadin flour din ki juya sa sai ki cire kisa a cikin bread crumbs ki jujjuya ya rufe flour din sai ki cire
  12. Ki tsoma sa a mai ya soyu yadanyi ja sai ki cire a man. Masha Allah cabbage roll ya gamu sai ci, za'a iyayin breakfast dashi asha da tea ko asha ang drink of choice. Enjoyyyyy😙😙😙

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