School Programs

Add excitement and build participation in your school lunch program with Best Express Foods’ delicious school products.

Best Express Foods:


·          Full-line, USDA approved supplier and manufacturer of nutritious, high quality, delicious frozen pizza, pizza related items, pre-wrapped sandwiches, lunch kits and other foodservice items specifically designed to meet the meal pattern requirements of the School Foodservice market

·          Offers a wide variety of bulk and individually wrapped portion controlled items for breakfast, lunch, menu and a la carte feeding

·          Offers unique, innovative products with colorful package design and branding opportunities

·          Processes commodity cheese, flour, paste and oil in order to reduce costs to the School Foodservice market

·          Features a comprehensive summer feeding program which includes pre-wrapped sandwiches, lunch kits and other foodservice items


·          Perk up your menu - many of our products are tasty alternatives to a standard ordinary pizza day

·          Ideal for menu feeding or ala carte serving

·          Lower your costs and use your cheese in products your students will love -- Best Express Foods utilizes commodity cheese

·          Increase student participation at your school with great tasting products, branding opportunities, marketing programs and materials


·          Manufactured under the highest quality standards found in the industry

·          Very little spoilage - products come frozen with a nine-month shelf life

·          All items hold great and do not dry out even when held for extended periods in warmers

·          Cheese is melted onto the bread and doesn’t shake off during transportation because Best Express foods utilizes a special “pre-melt” system


·          Best selling items feature nutritious whole grain and reduced fat ingredients

·          “Loaded” with cheese and toppings –satisfying and delicious


·          Heat and serve! Easy to prepare – just tray it up and cook until golden brown and serve

·          Simple to cook AND provides food safety - a variety of our items are wrapped and can be cooked in the film

·          Meet the majority of your lunch requirements in a single item so you don’t have to serve a variety of side dishes
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