Co-Packing Capacity

Best Express Foods

is a USDA approved manufacturer providing products of the highest quality.  Our wide range of equipment and capacities allow for tremendous scope in the different types of products we can produce.  This flexibility has led Best Express Foods to become a significant co-packer for an assortment of third party companies.


Best Express Foods can provide everything from simple assembly to specification up to a complete turnkey operation offering “start to finish” product development and manufacturing.  We work very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that all products are produced exactly to the standards and the specifications of our customers. …and at a great price!


We feature the following basic production capabilities:


Topping Operation

·   Sauce application – waterfall and spot depositors

·   Cheese shredding capabilities

·   Dry meat and/or cheese waterfall application
heese tumbler/hopper

Wrapping Capabilities
- wide variety of wrapping/packaging options including film, shrink-wrap, cartons, plastic buckets, trays and kits.

·   Shrink Tunnels

·   Horizontal sandwich wrappers – includes “gas flush” capability
Do-Boy Super Mustang

·   J-Bar Sealers

·   Glue, fold and seal online cartoner

Manual Assembly Operation

·   Assembly by hand (great for start-up products without capital out-lay)

IQF freezing capabilities

·   Spiral Freezer

Storage facilities

·   Freezer

·   Cooler

·   Dry Storage

·   Conveniently located off-site storage facilities for additional capacity


We can manufacture a wide variety of products including:


Pizza – any size or shape

Pizza Related Items (i.e. French Bread Pizza, Pizza Bagels)

Texas Toasts

Cinnamon topped products

Iced and/or glazed products

Pre-wrapped Sandwiches

Lunch Boxes (sandwich, juice box, fruit cup, cookies)

Deli/Appetizer Party Trays

Individual Appetizer Trays


Flat Bread style “fold-over” products


And many, many more………


Please call 800-531-0122 to find out more about our co-packing capabilities.  
We look forward to your call!